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  • By Sam Nix
  • 28 Aug, 2017

Wow! Wow! Wow!

Our Hosts for the Entertainment
Yesterday we were privileged to be entertained by many of our seniors, Lily-Beth representing our juniors (very ably), and Megan and Olivia who came along to perform and support our theatre group.  

5 hours flew by as we were treated to many songs and dances from past shows, with festival dances, and songs from shows I know they would like to perform in the future.  
There were too many amazing performances to mention.  It was clear that the whole cast was having fun the whole day, and the energy levels never dropped (this may have been helped by the amounts raised by Shirley on Tuck and Emily on Cakes and Teas!).  I have the feeling they could have performed for longer (No one mention this to Em J as she may want to do it again for longer).
I have always been proud of what the cast of RYT have achieved.  Each show they have done has been amazing, and from shows and auditions it is always clear to us at RYT what a talented bunch they are.  But at this event I have never felt prouder.  The cast sang, danced and acted for 5 non stop hoursx brought the audience to tears on several occasions, but the enthusiasm,  pure joy in performing and the fun they had on stage is the main thing that sticks in my mind.  They have a real ownership of Risborough Youth (Job done!).
This event was cast driven, the brain child of Em Jenkins who organised the whole event, mainly from her holiday in Greece, and got everyone to rehearse and perform.  She is a rising star in the world of Events Management.  Thanks Em!  Thanks to her efforts we have raised just short of £900.
Finally thanks to all the adults who were brought in to support the cast, everyone who came to watch, sponsored etc. Dick Whittington will be an amazing show thanks to all of you.
By Sam Nix 16 Sep, 2017
One part of the job that I love about running RYT (and there are many more) is sourcing and sorting out costumes for coming productions.  This week has, thanks to all the money raised at the Theatreathon last month, has been a busy week of buying costumes.   I can't wait to see what it looks like all together!  

For this production we are going to need in excess of  80 costumes and although we have quite a lot in stock, we need to add to these to bring all our characters to life.   We have 11 Fairies, 8 Servants,  14 Rats,  8 Circus Performers and 13 Villagers to dress;  That's even before we make sure the mains have their costumes sorted and we all know a good Dame demands several costume changes, "oh yes (s)he does".   

Later this month we will start the process of making even more costumes, modifying the ones we have and washing those that have been in storage.  Luckily we seem to have several sewing machines at the ready to hem acres of circular skirts, make lots of new tops, and I am grateful for every stitch sewn.    

Luckily with one daughter at Uni until the show I can turn her room into a giant (ha, ha) wardrobe!  We will need a day in the lockup sorting out the rest of the costumes but that can wait for 1/2 term!  Lets hope for a dry day!  

And now with auction deadlines approaching, its time to hit E-bay again and see if those size 9 heels are still in budget! Next week we hit Primark and the material shops to source more......  Will my credit card max out?  I hope not!

By Sam Nix 03 Sep, 2017
Yesterday a group of cast members and crew went to Camden to kick off costume shopping with some retro searches for King Rat.  We went by train, but I wonder how Dick would have got there.  No turning round for us, after several fun hours of purchasing we came home, with our bags of costumes.
Now I am sitting here, thinking I should go to bed, as it is back to school tomorrow after a brilliant 6 week holiday.  I spent two weeks of that time in the company of a lot of our cast at Showbiz '17 Summer School ,  and how amazing were they.  Even more time was spent planning and sorting for our December production of Dick Whittington.  I am now, as you can probably tell, putting off going to bed as when I wake up again tomorrow morning it signals the start of the silly season.  The term leading up to panto when I and the rest of the crew, have to manage jobs and Dick W at the same time.  To try and make this as painless as possible, this weekend has been busy getting as many of the early jobs out of the way as possible...T.Shirt enquiry (Rainbow colours!) - TICK, Backdrops ordered - TICK, Mics Ordered - Tick etc....

And then it hits, and I remember how excited the crew (and I) were this morning at the thought of getting back to rehearsals, the artistic ideas that are being put into direction and choreography, the great songs we have chosen; and even more the first rehearsal today, how the old cast members welcomed the new, the first of many games of Pig, Pony, Princess. The had work from the cast and the results we have already seen, and suddenly I think it is time to go to bed, bring tomorrow and the silly season on.     I can't wait!

By Sam Nix 28 Aug, 2017
Yesterday we were privileged to be entertained by many of our seniors, Lily-Beth representing our juniors (very ably), and Megan and Olivia who came along to perform and support our theatre group.  

5 hours flew by as we were treated to many songs and dances from past shows, with festival dances, and songs from shows I know they would like to perform in the future.  
By Sam Nix 26 Aug, 2017
Over the past two days I have been lucky enough to pop in on Theatreathon rehearsals several times, and experience some of the numbers that have been brought together under the planning and direction of the event instigator Em Jenkins.  

WOW what a show they are putting on, with favourites from old shows, Peter Pan, 13 and MFL, and many other shows, dances from shows and festivals and live music and drama.  I can't wait to see what they do tomorrow, I just hope they have some voice left after 10 hours of practice yesterday!   Monday could be silent?

Please come along and support this youth led fundraising project at Risborough Community Centre on August 27th where they will be performing from 12 - 5pm.   There are games, and refreshments as well.

The fundraising is towards putting on the Youth Theatres next production, Dick Whittington, we thought this would be quite easy to do as we have a lot of the costumes, but with the fabulous  numbers who auditioned we have an amazing cast of over 50, so we need to buy, make a few more, and extend the stage........ 

If you would like to support us in person please come along, and if you would like to sponsor us please do so at

By Sam Nix 21 Aug, 2017
RYT is normally led by an adult crew, supported by an able team of parents who help and work hard fund raising for us.  However it would seem that we have a new band of fundraisers in our midst, the cast ably led and masterminded by E, Jenkins who has put together what looks like being an amazing event for Sunday 27th August 2017, when performers from Risborough Youth Theatre will be singing, acting and dancing for 5 hours straight, in order to raise money for their 2017 pantomime 'Dick Whittington'.

The running order looks amazing and we the crew can't wait to see what the cast put on, some old favourites I hope! 

They started off with a conservative £100 target set, and have smashed that already on their go fund me page

Please come along and support them in their efforts, there are games and refreshments on offer, and of course all the entertainment of a five hour show, and if you want to support them further and would like to donate please go to the go fund me page.

I can't wait.......
By Sam Nix 21 May, 2017
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By Sam Nix 21 May, 2017
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